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Todd White
2017-09-29, 17:59
Bought a Glock and KSG 12 from this shop. I will not buy anywhere else. Doc was very helpful and friendly/easy to deal with.
Richard Bernhardt
2016-12-24, 10:15
Wife and I are moving to Murphy from Florida in January, One of our friends recommended meeting these folks as I needed info for getting a new NC CCW. Very nice business! Doc has a GREAT sense of humor and I felt when I left that I've known these folks all my life! The parting bumper sticker he gave me was hilarious given my ethnicity we had a good laugh over it. Looking forward to doing business with them right after We move!
Jeff & Brenda
2015-11-08, 20:54
My wife & I were on vacation from Florida & stopped in to look around. They had a Sig I was looking for in the color my wife liked & we purchased the pistol. It was at my FFL in Florida 2 days later & we picked it up on our way home. Thanks Doc, it was a pleasure to meet you.
John Fitt
2013-07-30, 17:18
Had a firearm shipped to Doc, and it was handled perfectly. Another great place to shop in Murphy.
James W. Allen Jr.
Self Reliance Network
2013-07-06, 09:02
Doc and Matt are fantastic to deal with! Knowledgable and sincere in trying to make Cherokee Discount Guns the shop that your needing and looking for! Lucky to have them in out tri-state area!
2013-05-04, 13:30
Bought a new pistol and a HC magazine. Tried them both out at the range this week and they both worked great. Price was very competitive. Doc was good to deal with. Thanks.

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